As the cost of a complete mask set has dramatically increased and now represents a significant part of the overall project cost, it is critical for design teams, mask data preparation teams, and mask shops to implement a robust and repeatable Mask Data Preparation flow, which increases the productivity of mask set creation and removes any risk of error.

XYALIS offers a suite of tightly integrated state-of-the-art Mask Data Preparation modules that automate the repetitive and time consuming tasks between design and fracturing:

  • Generation of Multi Project Wafers (MPWs) or shuttles with GOTmuch, an automated placement tool dedicated to maximizing silicon usage and minimizing saw lines when assembling heterogeneous chips,
  • Generation of complex reticules with GOTframe, an automated tool for inserting manufacturing items between chips and inside scribe lines, according to reusable process rules,
  • Intuitive mask set creation with GOTmask, supporting Multi-Layer Reticles (MLRs), optimized 1X flow, and wafer map optimization.

Built around a powerful dedicated graphical editor and a shared data format, XYALIS Mask Data Preparation solution handles standard layout and job deck formats: GDSII, OASIS ®, MEBES. Each module can be run through the common graphical user interface or on the command line for automatic processing and easy inclusion in an existing flow.


Mask Rule Checker

  • Full mask pattern verification
  • OPC verification
  • Data comparison …


Frame assembly editor

  • Reusable frame description file
  • Automated item placement
  • Field …


Multi Project Wafer Placement

  • Handles production requirements
  • Handles manufacturing requirements
  • Customized ..


Mask Set Editor

  • Automatic generation of titles and barcodes
  • Includes a library …


Multi Chip Assembly editor

  • Full flow automation and checks
  • Fast complex chip assembly
  • Sawing-line …

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