Complete Solutions for 3D Medical Image Processing

Simpleware ScanIP Medical is our flagship CE marked and FDA (510k) cleared 3D medical image analysis software. Simpleware ScanIP Medical is the ideal choice for patient-specific analysis, medical device design, 3D printing, and pre-surgical planning. Our intuitive tools and filters allow you to visualize, segment and quantify DICOM data directly from your PACS system.

Why Use Simpleware ScanIP Medical?

Simpleware ScanIP Medical provides a complete image processing solution for clinical applications, and directly links with design, simulation and medical 3D printing workflows. With Simpleware ScanIP Medical you can:

  • Easily process 3D & 4D medical image data (DICOM) with exceptional segmentation and meshing
  • Accurately analyze and measure anatomies
  • Achieve ideal surgical outcomes by building reliable models for pre-surgical planning
  • Comply with privacy standards for handling patient data
  • Take advantage of exclusive features designed specifically for clinical applications
  • Speed up compliance processes by integrating certified software into your workflows
  • Accelerate time-to-market for new devices and patient-specific solutions

Complete Solutions for Industrial Part Inspection and Material Characterization

Simpleware software offers complete 3D image segmentation and model generation solutions for going from scans to 3D models. Accurately process images, obtain measurements and statistics, and export high-quality models to design, simulation and 3D printing applications.

Why Use Simpleware Software ?

With Simpleware Software you can:

  • Easily process industrial and materials image data with exceptional segmentation and meshing
  • Accurately measure and obtain statistics from complex materials
  • Save time handling even the most challenging image datasets
  • Get CAD, CAE and 3D printing models that work first time, every time
  • Automate repeatable tasks and operations
  • Inspect and validate as-built parts and compare to designs
  • Understand or analyze performance of material structures

Simpleware Digital Rock Physics Software

3D image processing and meshing software

Simpleware provides software solutions for digital rock physics and rock typing. Use Simpleware software’s comprehensive 3D image processing software interface to easily visualize, segment and quantify scan data (CT, micro-CT, FIB-SEM…). Carry out porous media analysis and virtual special core analysis using powerful meshing software tools to export multi-domain models to FE and CFD solvers. Options are also available to calculate effective material properties from scanned samples.

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