MEMS Tools

The SoftMEMS CAD Design Environment Is a customizable set of CAD tools for the development and test of MEMS-based products. SoftMEMS CAD tools are open-platform products that support leading electronic design automation environments used for integrated circuit development. SoftMEMS tools allow data sharing between system designers, IC designers, process engineers and MEMS experts, permitting earlier and consistent design checks between multidisciplinary teams. Our tool suites enable designers to develop new MEMS designs, integrate existing designs (intellectual property) into systems, and couple them with electronics.

SoftMEMS has developed two main MEMS design tools to address designer’s needs:

  • MEMS Xplorer (for UNIX and HP platforms)
  • MEMS Pro (for the PC platform) are CAD tool suites that cover the entire MEMS design process.

We also provide modular subsets of our tools for those customers not requiring full capability. For more information or to request an Evaluation Copy, please contact

Our experienced CAD team can provide technical support and consulting to speed up your MEMS design process. They can also develop CAD modules “on demand” to better respond to your needs.

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