A true one-stop shop, EUROPRACTICE provides all range of services that you need to design and fabricate electronic circuits and smart integrated systems. We offer affordable access to a wide range of CAD tools, training courses and state-of-the-art fabrication technologies, including ASICs, MEMS and Photonics. Our team supports customers in all critical steps on the way from prototype design to volume production.

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CAD tools

Affordable access to design tools for academia and start-ups in Europe.

MPW Fabrication

Prototyping in a wide range of technologies with manufacturing in world-leading foundries.

Training & Webinars

High-quality training courses and webinars in design tools and technologies.


Muse Semiconductor is focused on providing MPW services to university researchers. For our customers, it’s not just an MPW. It is life. Graduation. A first job. Making the conference paper deadline. Realizing a dream of becoming a professor. We are inspired by our customers’ passion and have tailored our services to support their unique needs.

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